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Yellow is more energetic than red or orange. Thus, it is still clearly visible to carp in shallow to medium-deep waters. Many water surfaces have a greenish-yellow color, especially in summer, which is caused by dissolved particles, algae, and substances. Carp see a particularly “good” in the green environment, which is due to the species and environment in which it feeds. Yellow boilies are therefore particularly visible (although it is hard for us to imagine). Yellow boilies can be made with this quality yellow paint (depending on the composition of the mixture). The yellow powder is easy to dose and dissolves well in eggs, so you can quickly and easily change the color of your boilies.

Application: Dissolve the paint in a little water, liquid or add to the eggs. Stir well when adding dry ingredients.

Dosage: 3-6 g / kg

The dosing recommendation always refers to a light mix. The darker the mixture, the harder it will be to change color or the higher the dose.

4,65 20,93 

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