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Dark brown granular powder with a strong aroma and minimum 60% solubility in water. This product is obtained by processing the Belachan block, a mixture of fermented shrimps and salt. Belachan powder is a favorite additive in carp baits. A superb carp attractor, perfect for use in boilies, stick mixes or groundbaits, as well as dips/glugs. An extremely attractive product to which the carp will respond immediately. Adds a sharp, naturally rich aroma of spicy fish. Yes, it stinks, but maybe that’s what makes this product so appealing, natural amino acids, enzymes, high salt levels, and much, much more. Excellent for coating boilies in combination with liquid Belachan. Since this is a completely natural product, there are no restrictions on its use. The rule “the more the better” applies to this product.

Dosage/recommendation: 50 g/kg.

For hook baits, increase the dose to 150 g/kg. If using it for soaking, first dissolve the product in a little water before adding to the rest of the liquid.

Additional tip: for instant attraction, add Belachan powder on to freshly rolled boilies to make a thin crust that will work wonders when dissolved in water.

9,90 18,81 

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